Ghost Killers (A True Crime Short)

By Tori Richards

This explosive new book on the Mickey Thompson murder case reveals that convicted killer Michael Goodwin was believed to have committed three other murders. Veteran crime writer gives an insider’s view of how Detective Mark Lillienfeld solved one of L.A.’s most famous cold cases with riveting, never-before released information.

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Anthony Bruno

Edgar Award-nominee Anthony Bruno has written over 50 articles for Time Warner’s Crime Library and 14 published crime-related books, including The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer, Seven and Kindle bestseller Immortal Monster.

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About Crimescape

From the best true crime authors in the business, many of whom have seen their books made into major motion pictures comes Crimescape - a collection of compelling true crime books from leading crime authors. Crimescape is now proud to introduce the new genre of true crime fiction−novels based on exceptional true crime cases.

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True Crime Fact

These true crime facts were compiled by Crimescape CEO Marilyn J. Bardsley. They were compiled from FBI publications, Psychology Today, SentryPC, Court TV Crime Library demographic and survey data, and her twenty years of crime investigation and reporting.

True crime audience is overwhelmingly women age 25-45.

“Staying safe” is the primary motive for the female audience.

Female serial killers are less than 20% of total and often go unrecognized.

Serial killer women murder for fun, profit, and revenge—often in care facilities.

About 50% of male serial killers are sexual predators.

Women fear being crime victims much more than men even though men are statistically much more likely to be murdered.

New FBI data shows that violent crime in the United States, including homicide, increased for two years in a row.

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Read the blog by Crimescape’s, chief executive, Marilyn J. Bardsley. The posts cover an exciting variety of topics related to true crime, from mysteries solved after 100 years to the latest thinking on the mind of a serial killer.

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