The American Sweeney Todd: Inside the Mind of a Terrifying Serial Killer

Marilyn J Bardsley

American Sweeney Todd - Marilyn J. Bardsley

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Released: 01/02/2017

In Brief

Are you a fan of Hannibal Lecter and the demon barber Sweeney Todd? Then The American Sweeney Todd is the book for you. The best-selling author of After Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is back with another suspenseful crime thriller.

How could a man poised to be an important surgeon become the most terrifying serial killer of his time, calling himself the American Sweeney Todd?

And why did Sweeney play a taunting cat-and-mouse game with Eliot Ness?

Was it only because they both wanted the same woman?

Or because Sweeney wanted to be more famous than the man who got Al Capone?

Is that why Eliot Ness kept Sweeney’s identity secret for nearly forty years?

In this horrifying psychological thriller, you will get inside of the mind of a real serial killer: the brilliant, highly educated American version of Sweeney Todd, who became the most terrifying serial killer of his time. His identity was a very closely guarded secret for almost four decades until Marilyn J. Bardsley’s extensive investigation uncovered it. This gripping fictional portrayal of the killer’s thoughts and actions is based on extensive interviews with his friends and relatives, the detectives who investigated him, Eliot Ness’s trusted inner circle, a mountain of legal and medical documents, and the killer’s own writings.

About Marilyn J Bardsley

Marilyn J Bardsley is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and the CEO of Crimescape®. She is the former executive editor and founder of Time Warner’s Court TV Crime Library, the premier true crime site on the Internet for more than a decade. Bardsley has written extensively on true crime and is an expert on serial killers. She also appears frequently on news programs and documentaries for the History Channel, The Learning Channel, Carolina Public Television and other television shows. Her feature story on the Atlanta child murders was required reading for the Green River serial killer police task force. Her novel The American Sweeney Todd: Inside the Mind of a Terrifying Serial Killer was one of three 2017 best reviewed thrillers by Indie Reader.

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