“What makes for a good true-crime story? Interesting characters, an engrossing plot, situations that often teeter between life and death. But here’s the MacGuffin about true crime: What you’re reading actually happened. Sometimes truth really is more compelling than fiction. And that’s why you will enjoy reading Crimescape’s true crime series.”
—Paul Alexander, the #1 bestselling true crime Kindle Singles author of Murdered and Accused

Crimescape® is a venture between RosettaBooks LLC and DarkHorse Multimedia, Inc.

From the best true crime authors in the business, many of whom have seen their books made into major motion pictures, comes Crimescape — a new collection of compelling short crime eBooks from leading independent eBook publisher RosettaBooks. Taking readers into the dark heart of the criminal mind and the tense hunt to bring perpetrators to justice, Crimescape authors stand apart from other true crime writers because they have personal experience in crime investigations, whether as police detectives, investigative reporters, forensics professionals or criminal psychologists. As riveting storytellers, Crimescape’s writers give readers all the information they need to understand relevant clues and the interwoven influences in each criminal case.

Founded in 1995, DarkHorse Multimedia, Inc. created Crime Library. In 2000, DarkHorse Multimedia sold Crime Library to Time Warner’s Court TV. Crimescape’s directors are Marilyn Bardsley, editor, and her partner, C. Elliott Bardsley, associate editor.

Marilyn Bardsley is the editor of Crimescape. She is the former executive editor and founder of Time Warner’s truTV Crime Library, the premier true-crime Website. Ms. Bardsley has written extensively on true crime and is an expert on serial killers. She has also appeared frequently on news programs and documentaries for The History Channel, The Learning Channel and Carolina Public Television. Before founding Crime Library, Ms. Bardsley was a telecommunications marketing executive for several multibillion-dollar companies and an Internet investment consultant for Asian multinational companies.

C. Elliott Bardsley is a former international business executive who was responsible for starting or acquiring over 25 businesses. He served as treasurer of several start-up companies and raised in excess of a half billion dollars. During the last twelve years, he assisted with the creation of both Crime Library and Crimescape, acting as photographer, designer, news editor, and all-around administrator. He has also assisted several other businesses and was an adjunct professor at Savannah College of Art and Design. He is an avid sailor and world traveler.

Crimescape’s copy editors are Tracy Majka and Dianna Sinovic.