The Vampire Trap & Immortal Monster are Kindle Editors Picks for September

Kindle Editors 100 picks for September highlight two Crimescape® ebooks — The Vampire Trap & Immortal Monster. Both are priced at $1.99 during September, a savings of $1.

The Vampire Trap by Dr. Katharine Ramsland is the story of a young woman and her 19-month-old daughter who are last seen alive at a child’s clothing store. A troubled young man’s obsession with the currently popular vampire culture’s larger-than-life charisma becomes the center of a police investigation. The current fascination with vampires makes some people identify with these supernatural figures who dominate their world, taking whatever they want for themselves. It is here that the killer’s story opens a window on the fringe of this subculture, where people act out the more violent aspects of the vampire. (A 65-page True Crime Short with photographs).

Immortal Monster by Anthony Bruno.  Contract killer, lethal scam artist, loving father, abusive husband, abused son, convicted murderer, jailhouse schemer, liar, TV star. The man they called “The Iceman” was all of those. In 1988 he was sentenced to life for four gruesome murders, but this was just the tip of his iceberg. He had a taste for esoteric methods of death–favoring a cyanide solution in a nasal spray bottle–and body disposal–freezing one of his victims to disguise the time of death. At one point he bragged that his personal body count was over 200, seven times the more likely number.

Still, he has huge following, and a biopic based on his life is about to start shooting this fall. The Iceman told his story in three extremely popular HBO documentaries, which are still broadcast regularly. Why does the Iceman’s story continue to fascinate the public five years after his death and 25 years after his apprehension? And how much of his legend is truth? (A 62-page True Crime Short with photographs)