Behind Crime Library, personal pain and true horror November 26, 2012 by Aja Romano of The Daily Dot


“Grandmother Accused of Running Toddler Over With SUV.”  “Man Shares Childhood Memory of Seeing Someone Get Shot in the Head.” “Brazil’s Alleged Cannibal Trio Killed Women in Rituals and Sold Pies Made With Their Flesh.”

For nearly 15 years, one website has been serving up the dregs of the miserable and the macabre in easily digestible, pithily headlined format. With thousands of catalogued information relating to crimes large and small, appalling and bizarre, Crime Library has succeeded for 15 years on a premise that mystery lovers, journalists, and true crime 在线扑克 aficionados all know too well: Crime is entertaining.

But as its founder and former executive editor, Marilyn Bardsley, knows all too well, even on the Internet, investigating violent crime can take its toll.

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